Welcome Video

Hello! Welcome to Hello, Gorgeous. Where you're going to learn some awesome ways to document your story and show self love through memory keeping. Grab some of your favorite photos of yourself and your favorite memory keeping supplies and join in the fun!

I'm going to teach you how to show some major self-love through your memory keeping process. Together we are going to make an entire album dedicated to you and your self-love journey!

You can do this class in any format you'd like- by making an art journal, traditional scrapbooking pages, project life; whatever form of memory keeping you love most! There are 16 prompts, all of which can be done in any album or type of memory keeping system you choose. I'll be doing mine in a 6x12 album with project life pages, traditional scrapbook layouts and even a giant art journal page. You choose whatever system you like best. The most important thing is that you're ready to improve your life through self-love!

Let's make something beautiful together!